Let’s Compare Our Campuses!

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After Apple, Google presented its campus in California. The IT giant has unveiled plans to build a new campus in the Moffett Park area of Sunnyvale, California, which will be located just a few miles from the new, highly anticipated Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View. Just like the main office in the mountains of Mountain View, the building was designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

The complex will consist of two buildings with terraces, an area of more than 92 thousand square meters of office space that accommodate about 4,500 employees.

Like many successful BIG's projects, the design concept focuses on maximizing available space, including the roof, where Google employees can walk, ride a bike or roller skate, moving to other levels of the building. The project also aims at high eco-standards, including the integration of public transport systems and its plan for low-water gardening.

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“Housing is part of our global project in Moffett Park,” said Mark Golan, chief operating officer of Google’s Global Investment and Real Estate Development, to Mercury News magazine. “We are creating a new type of space: mixed-use. Housing and transportation are two huge problems for the valley as a whole, and they are huge problems for Google. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to create mixed-use spaces that allow people to live close to where they work.”

Together with BIG, Clive Wilkinson Architects will work on the interiors, and landscape design will be done by OLIN Studio.

It is expected that the complex will open no earlier than 2021.

Based on materials from the Daily Telegraph and ArchDaily.

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