We improve the world around us and create an impressive architecture using innovative solutions and technologies

AIMM is the team that implements project ideas into reality. We see architecture as a unique product, created at the intersection of the zeitgeist, and the development of engineering. We design spectacular objects, creating a holistic urban environment. We feel the customer and lead the future.

We are creative architects and experienced engineers.

We are the team of professionals in the field of architectural design, engineering, and urban studies.

We are spectacular architecture and construction economics.

We affirm that even the most ambitious wishes of a client, combined with perfect architectural and design solutions and an adequate market assessment, allow us to create a successful object that exists on the principles of sustainable development.

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Creative director

Anna Iskierdo

Architect, “Architect of the Year 2017/CBU”,

“Best Social Project 2018/CBU”,

“Best Design Company 2019/CBU”,

2nd place “Interior HoReCa/InterYear2019”,

2nd place in blitz contest “Business center UNIT-city”,

Interior of the year FunderMax 2019.

Anna Iskierdo

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Maxim Myatko

The chief engineer of the company, the hunter for technologies and ideas.

“Best Design Company 2019/CBU”.

Maxim Myatko

Alexander Prokopyuk

Chief architect

Oleg Movenko

Chief design officer

Savranenko Vitaly

Chief engineer

Starunsky Ruslan

Chief Engineer

Evgeniy Khoruzhenko


Alexandr Kushniruk

Project manager

Nataliya Nemchenko

Project manager

Bilokrys Oksana

Head of electrical systems department

Omelchak Anna

Project manager

Dzyuba Tetyana

Head of heating, ventilation department

Alina Liubimenko


Tokarchuk Kostiantyn

Head of water supply systems


AIMM – impressive team

We carry out complex planning in the role of General Designer, including ambitious engineering complexes: sections design in the field of special communications, high-tech facilities, energy-intensive enterprises, industrial buildings, fuel storage facilities, and bridge-building.







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We are trusted

We design all types of residential, public, and industrial facilities. Our experience and desire to surpass the achievements of the domestic construction industry allow us to create an effective modern architecture.

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