A Look Back at 2017

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In 2016, our young company came to the fore on the Ukrainian market. Not many of our competitors can offer such a wide range of services. This has become one of the main advantages. We added the largest school in Ukraine into our portfolio, as well as several innovative educational institutions, residential complexes throughout Ukraine, and some social projects over the past year. Also, it's important to note the reconstruction of the first floor of the Kyiv City Hall and the project “Cottage" for the Zaporuka charity foundation.

The team

In 2017, we moved further: 50 employees in the company! The growth was so rapid that we had to look for a new spacious office at the beginning of the year. And based on the development of the company, we will set a new course in 2018!

We’re followed by…

More than 10,000 people...But we are not scared! We thank our followers on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest for actively discussing our new works, for likes, and reposts. Of course, we need to know the opinion of the professional community, journalists, urbanists, our competitors, and everyone who cares. After all, we design for all of you!

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At the end of the year, at the Ibuild All-Ukrainian Construction Award event, which was held by the largest specialized industry association: the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine, our Director Anna Iskierdo won in a nomination Architect of the Year. Of course, this award is an indicator of how the whole team works harmoniously!

Our plans

We are the team of the dreamers for whom the concept of “impossible” doesn't exist. The following year, we set a very ambitious goal: to expand the geography of our work. We are worthily represented in many countries in the post-Soviet space. It's time to conquer the European market! #ArchitectsWithoutVisas in action!

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