The Solution to the Eternal Problem

image-0: fs inspiration-flowerbed
image-1: fs inspiration-flowerbed

Each implemented architectural project makes irreversible changes in the integrity of the urban environment. This rule of formation of policies was guided by the ancient Greeks. Since that time, much happened, but the principle of forming a single image of the city hasn't changed. Although numerous state structures and local governments are represented in modern Ukraine, and their task is to prevent the implementation of unworthy projects, in reality, everything is quite sad.

ime and again, another “monster", which provokes the indignation of citizens and representatives of the professional environment, appears in Kyiv. In addition to these new buildings, the direction of urban improvement is a real failure, frankly speaking. In our project, we tried to solve both problems at once.

Let's not forget that the improvement of the territory around the object is an integral part of the entire image of the building. Already at the conceptual stage for IQOS Space from Philip Morris Ukraine, we made several decisions that became truly innovative for Kyiv.

image-3: inspiration-flowerbed
image-4: inspiration-flowerbed
image-3: inspiration-flowerbed
image-4: inspiration-flowerbed

First of all, we decided to form a complete image of the flagship showroom exterior and interior. This is how we got an idea of using a bionic style in the design of flowerbeds near IQOS Space.

The new flowerbed format solved one of the main problems of the capital: it doesn't allow cars to park in green areas, and also protects trees from damage.

Next to the flowerbeds, we installed the first free public charging for electric vehicles. It also corresponded well with the innovative device from Philip Morris.

As a result, we got a general concept of ultramodern space, which offered a solution for improvement in the conditions of dense urban development.

By the way, the unusual shape of the flowerbeds led to a lot of discussion among the people of Kyiv and the guests of the city. It's worth mentioning that they became a trend in the Russian-language segment of Twitter. The photo of the flowerbeds even got into the group "Top Twitter", where users post fresh tweets that has the greatest response from the audience in the last half hour.

image-5: inspiration-flowerbedimage-5: inspiration-flowerbedimage-5: inspiration-flowerbedimage-5: inspiration-flowerbedimage-5: inspiration-flowerbed