Secondary school in Brovary

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Secondary school in Brovary

A unique comprehensive school (Simonenko Vasilya St., 103, Brovary)

The first of the 26 schools of the New Educational Space (NES) was entrusted to design exactly to our team!

Having won in a transparent tender thanks to the electronic trading system ProZorro, we immediately began to study the world experience of creating modern educational institutions in detail.

In order for the children to be interested in studying, it is necessary to create not only comfortable conditions in classes, public spaces, canteens and sports halls, but also make them modern, technological and certainly creative.

Voluminous halls are provided with recreation zones, where you can conduct different activities, game lessons, creative exhibitions, fairs. We are sure that children obviously need to have opportunities and conditions for creativity and all-round development. Such an approach is exactly what laid in the system of education of the NES.

There are no analogues in the design and construction of such a school during the time of Independence of Ukraine, because there are 2340 students will be able to study in the educational complex from the AIIMM-GROUP, what makes it unprecedented capacious.

However, not only the scale of the building can impress the imagination. Specialists of the AMIM-GROUP at the design stage proposed a number of the most innovative energy-efficient solutions.

On the free area of the roof is planned to install solar panels, which will significantly reduce operating costs, as well as solar collectors. Particular attention is paid to heating systems - combined boiler room, ventilation, as well as supply and aeration of water. With the help of BMS (Building management system), which manages all technological processes, it will be possible to use resources more efficiently. For lighting interiors and territory, it is necessary to use LED lights that meet the highest standarts, while having the best energy-efficient performance.

Around the school building there are set up physical training grounds, greenhouses, and children's areas for younger schoolchildren.

We are sure that thanks to such projects our children will be happy to go to school, to receive knowledge and to develop comprehensively.

Completion Date: 29/01/17

Status: In the process of consideration

Client: Brovary city

Location: Brovary

Secondary school in Brovary

creative space for young talents

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