Clever Kids School

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Clever Kids School

Kindergarten and primary school (Kyiv region)

This school-educational complex for 160 children has a functional division into three zones - a school, a kindergarten, a school of arts and development center. Our team has extensive experience in developing projects for preschool and educational institutions, development centers and art schools.

Present kindergarten and school are designed for 100 places for children from 3 to 6 years old, and four classes from the 1st to the 4th. The building houses its own kitchen, where parents, together with the doctor, will be able to regulate the food and individual approach to each student.

There is a separate entrance for first-graders. On the territory of the complex, the technical entrances are completely isolated, and the entrance to the territory has a guarded perimeter.

Furthermore, there are running tracks, a territory for riding scooters and bicycles a vegetable garden where you can plant vegetables and monitor their growth, shady canopies and sports entertainment equipment for all children on the site.

There is a swimming pool with a treatment rooms in the complex. All the premises of the pool complex are connected by a lift with other floors for communication of children with disabilities.

In our multifunctional educational complex there are sports and assembly halls, a first-aid post and a library, children's development rooms and premises for all-round development.

Facade glazing allowed to make all rooms as much as possible illuminated and the space was formed unusually creative.

Much attention is paid to creating comfortable conditions for educational and upbringing processes. Only environmentally friendly materials are used in the building. AMIM-Group specialists always give advantage to the national manufacturer.

Moreover our building will be an excellent example that is possible to have inclusive education outside of special institutions in Ukraine.

In architectural solutions of facades we used the contrast of smooth organic forms and elements of strict and concise constructivism. The color solution also plays into the hands of the opposition of panels with the texture of natural wood and modern composite materials.

In each of our projects, we strive to destroy the orthodox foundations of the "Soviet school" in its essence and form, which we inherited, as well as apply innovative technologies, both in construction and in the educational process.

Completion Date: 21/03/19

Status: In progress

Client: Investor

Location: Kyiv region

Clever Kids School

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