MODERN Project is a Winner in the Mixed-Use Development

and Multifunctional Complex Categories

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Two residential complexes, Stykon, won the international competition —European Property Awards.

• Olympic — in the Residential High Rise Development category, where the AIMM team designed the interiors of the lobby and common areas.

• MODERN — in the Mixed-Use Development category. The AIMM team developed architectural solutions and interiors for the lobby and common areas for this multifunctional complex.

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It's one of the most prestigious and widely known world prizes in the field of real estate.

An international jury of 70 independent professional experts evaluated projects according to criteria such as design, quality, operation, innovation, originality, and accordance with international trends.

Receiving the European Property Awards is international recognition of the professionalism of our client, Stykon, and the quality of our complexes as well as their accordance with European real estate standards.

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