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Business class residential complex in Pechersk (Kyiv)

The task, when working on the concept of a residential complex, was to create the most effective architectural image, preserving a comfortable environment for life.

In a densely built environment, work begins with a detailed analysis of the environment, urban planning, transport and pedestrian scheme, and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Particular attention is paid to the maintenance and operation of commercial premises, children's development centers, sports grounds. All of this makes the stay in a complex comfortable and safe, because the territory is guarded around the perimeter.
It should be noted that at this site a complex relief with a strong bias, as well as existing buildings, which require revitalization and adaptation to the new concept.

Undoubtedly, creating the image of the RC, the priority for AIMM specialists was the emphasis on spectacular panoramic views of the Pechersk hills and the Dnieper.

Four slender verticals in glass, brick and Сor-Ten steel are our dominants against the backdrop of the capital building of the middle of the last century, not differing in architectural expressiveness.

From the first to the seventh floors there are terraced-type apartments with separate entrances.

The three-level underground parking is located under the whole complex, and for the employees of shops, buyers and guests there are spacious open parking spaces. All infrastructure facilities for a comfortable life in a modern house are located along the outer perimeter. Сonsequently, the courtyard is closed from the bustling city.

One of the main chips became the opening of the yard-park, where there is a wide variety of entertainment for children and adults. This decision made it possible to create a site for which there are no analogues in size. On the first floors there is a spacious lobby with restaurants, cafes and lounge areas.

Not far from the RC there is a lively urban artery, but due to the peculiarities of the complex's location, as well as commercial premises along the perimeter, the city noise will never be heard in the courtyard.

The architecture of the residential complex will not leave anyone indifferent - elegant outlines are supported by strict facades. At the same time, the combination of modern materials and refined architectural solutions make it possible to give the residential complex an all-time business-class gloss to the village.

Completion Date: 19/03/19

Status: Pre-design completed

Client: Investor

Location: Kyiv

Supreme RC

strict sophistication

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