Mriia residential complex

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Mriia residential complex


Mriia residential complex – object of quarterly construction of a plot of four hectares.

The complex is located at the intersection of streets and is surrounded by wonderful views from windows, modern schools, kindergartens, infrastructure and park areas. Inside the projected quarter in one of the most actively developing area of Lviv, situated a kindergarten for 250 children (from 3 to 7 years old) with a private pool, a school for creative upgrowth, ballroom and dance lessons, wrestling and fencing classes. This new quarter is built for comfortable business-class living at the cost of social housing. The residential complex consists of eight, nine, twelve, fourteen, sixteen-storey houses and has an impressive architecture. A single soft roof line, dynamic facades of each individual section, open loggias where a panoramic view of the city spaces opens.

The complex provides the construction of twenty-two sections: three underground detached parking lots and a kindergarten. The high point of the complex is the maximum preservation of existing green spaces: blue fir, oaks and limes.


There are a number of infrastructure tenants on the first floors of residential buildings: bank, pharmacy, grocery deli, bike shop, pet goods and veterinary, beauty salon, dry cleaning, massage parlor and others.

The territory is under constant CCTV and security control. Access to entrances is provided by checkpoints - you can freely drive up by car or taxi from one side of the building and get in a free yard for residents from the apartments.

The Mriia residential complex is the first throughout the Lviv example of living high-life standards, infrastructure, transport communications for servicing residents, taking care of children, demonstrating responsible service and implementing energy-efficient technologies in operational processes in all of Lviv.

Completion Date: 03/01/17

Status: Pre-design completed

Client: Investor

Location: Lviv

Mriia residential complex


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