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Multifunctional complex Oasis - guaranteeing comfortable accommodation near the center of Kyiv, which you can afford already today!

Multifunctional complex Oasis is located in the capital on the right bank of the Dnieper, in direct proximity to the cult, historical and natural centers of Kyiv. Modern architectural and landscape solutions promotes harmony between multifunctional complex Oasis and a part of the already existed green zone, which includes a maple and willow grove, as well as a picturesque canal.

The Oasis project is a revolutionary concept of housing for Kyiv nowadays, as the company AIMM-GROUP offers by its vision to follow a fashionable European way of renovating urban industrial zones. A competent emphasis, as well as a balance between residential, administrative and entertainment areas, will help to unleash the potential of this area.

Developed infrastructure could be called a big advantage of of this area - there are metro, bus and railway stations within walking distance, high-speed roads will enable you to get to Khreshchatyk just in 15 minutes. It’s the perfect place for young and active people who don’t want to waste their time.


The main goal for us is to maintain maximum comfort for life and relaxation, which is provided with a sufficient number of green spaces (67 262 m²), a well-though-out sports infrastructure (6 km of running and cycling paths), organization of the interior space of the complex (with its green oasis of deciduous trees), original and modern planning of each apartment.

What is more, there are two wonderful lakes near the complex, which undoubtedly will be the stunning place to chill out with your family or friends. For those who enjoy sailing or simply sunbathing, several well-known Kyiv yacht clubs and one of the best sandy beaches in Kyiv are located nearby the complex.

Completion Date: 18/03/19

Status: Pre-design completed

Client: Investor

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine



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