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The administrative building of the international company Euroformat is a complete complex of buildings.

It housed the company's main office, with comfortable rooms for staff rest, spacious meeting rooms and offices of top management.

One part of the building is occupied by experimental workshops in which prototypes of products are manufactured. The main element is the test tower, where multiple tests are carried out on the strength and performance of each specimen before release. The tower itself is the architectural dominant of the complex, which is emphasized in decorative and color solutions.

Aesthetics of the production building plays a crucial role, both from the point of view of town-planning principles for the creation of a favorable environment, and for the immediate employees of the company.

When designing a building for the Euroformat company, our specialists took into consideration not only the current trends and principles of the working space formation, but also the requirements for innovative production facilities.

Thus, a special place is given to the logistics scheme inside the building. Working with production technologists of the company helped our architects and engineers to find optimal solutions that will not only help save money and time for the construction of the complex, but will be more effective in the process of operation in the future.

The severity of the decor in the decoration of the main facade contrasts with the bizarre broken lines of glazing. The play of light and shadow creates an image of the cut of a precious stone. The most modern and technological solutions are used here: sandwich panels of new generation, hpl-panels and energy-efficient glass facade systems.

Architects and designers of AIMM group have created a spectacular appearance of the building of the manufacturing company. This is how modern industrial buildings should look like.

Completion Date: 24/05/19

Status: В реализации

Client: Euroformat

Location: г. Киев


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