AZURE TOWER residential complex

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AZURE TOWER residential complex

Azure tower business class residential complex (Kyiv).

The creation of the concept of a residential complex in the conditions of dense urban development is always a great creative challenge for any architect, for sure. This area is free from greenery, but is surrounded by green hills and a small park, what is largely determines the external appearance of the complex.

Two slender vertical towers-twin, clad in brick and glass, have become the architectural highlight of the complex Azure tower. In the stylobate part of the complex there is a spacious parking lot, designed not only for property owners, but also for guests of the residential complex. Futhermore, there are concentrated all infrastructure facilities for a comfortable life in a modern house.

As a noisy street with a lively car traffic runs throughout the area in front of the complex, our team of architects has resorted to a rather interesting idea - to raise the inner courtyard of the complex to the level of the fifth floor. This technique allowed to create an observation deck to the size of a whole yard. It goes without saying that this has significantly reduced noise, and also distanced residents of the first floors from the roadway.

The architecture of a modern residential complex speaks a lot about property owners. Azure tower exterior emphasizes the taste and selectivity of residents of this residential complex. Cut off all the extra details. In the smoothness of lines and the selection of materials, the legacy of American architecture of the beginning of the 20th century and the tradition of European postmodernism sound distinctly.

This project will appeal to the young and ambitious, who lead an active life in the center of the capital - working and resting in the immediate whirlpool of events.

Completion Date: 20/07/17

Status: Pre-design comleted

Client: Investor

Location: Kyiv

AZURE TOWER residential complex

the smoothness of lines

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