New England Residential Complex

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New England Residential Complex


New England Residential Complex at 24 Maksymovycha Street (Kyiv)

A modern residential complex New England is created in the neoclassical style based on technology of the large-panel construction developed by Royal House.

Intradomestic space of the complex is designed using the best classical principles of space formation. Green areas are designed as labyrinth gardens. Ornamental plants with different geometric shapes are an interesting and unusual solution highlighting the main stylistic line of the complex. It is complemented by exquisite fountains and decorative elements reminiscent of the country of fogs. For example, the crossing point of the guard looks like the famous London phone booth.

There are colorful playgrounds for children. Adults can spend time in the fresh air not only on elegant walking paths, but also on small sports grounds. The complex will also accommodate a school and a kindergarten.

On the first floors, there are shops, cafes, banks and pharmacies.

The complex residents and their guests can enjoy a comfortable spacious parking lot. There are also four underground parking lots.

Due to the closed area, life here is quiet and safe.

While working at this project, our team has created a modern residential complex, which will be a place where modernity and timeless classics create a perfect union of comfort and aesthetic enjoyment for people.

Completion Date: 05/09/16

Status: In progress

Client: Royal House

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

New England Residential Complex

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