Beethoven Hall Residential Complex

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Beethoven Hall Residential Complex

Beethoven Hall Residential Complex (Lviv)

The dynamic architecture of the complex houses is reminiscent of artfully hewn stones. Their lively and colorful appearance perfectly fits the landscape of the area, and everything here creates a harmonious picture.

The decoration is performed in white, gray and brown tones. They are neutral and calm. Such a solution does not bring discord into the created harmony. The complex organization resembles an ellipsoidal cycle. Zones of leisure activities for children and adults are designed in the form of circles. Placed inside the complex, they include a playground and a small, but very colorful square with a fountain. In addition, there are radial flowerbeds across the territory delighting everyone with their colors and perfectly complementing the look of this place. The unconventional approach to the exterior architecture and beautification of the complex areas allowed creating a project of the modern residential complex close to nature, and therefore it is truly cozy.  

ЖК Бетховен

Apartments with various layouts let you choose an option for yourself. The complex has been designed with mainly one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as two-level apartments. More than a half of apartments have access to the panoramic terraces with stunning views of Lviv.

Also, the comfortable outdoor surface parking places are created for residents and guests. The first floors will house the cafes, shops and other infrastructure. The complex is nice and simple, green and well-maintained. Private territory allows residents to feel secure.

A competent work of architects has allowed to create an unusual and very beautiful project of a functional apartment complex. The combination of modern technology and nature allows obtaining a high-quality result. The projects such as this one are another step to creation of a convenient infrastructure in the cities.

Completion Date: 13/01/16

Status: Pre-design completed

Client: investor

Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Beethoven Hall Residential Complex

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