Soborna Square

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Soborna Square

The team of the AIMM-GROUP presented its vision of the reconstruction of the main square of Mykolaiv at the all-Ukrainian architectural competition.

The team of the AIMM-GROUP presented its vision of the reconstruction of the main square of Mykolaiv at the all-Ukrainian architectural competition.

Reconstruction of the Soborna Square of Mykolaiv provides for the creation of several zones that meet the various requirements of modern urban life, focused on a specific target audience, but should form a single ensemble of public space.

In our opinion, free access for all categories of people is the main condition for Mykolaiv`s further development. The device of the barrier-free space of the square is the cornerstone of our concept.

The principal milestone of the project is the redefining of the main square of Mykolaiv as a city center. According to our vision Soborna Square should become the center of cultural, tourist and public life of the city.

The concept of reconstruction provides for a flexible transformation of the area for various activities.

The administrative component remains unchanged, but it adds to the functions of consolidation of citizens, as well as presentation showcase in the tourist itinerary. To create a polyfunctional space, we need to free the area from excess flower beds and benches.

On the vacant space in winter, there is an opportunity to install a New Year tree and ice skating rink, and in summer it will be able to hold music concerts, street food festivals, sports games and other mass events.

One of the important aspects of the concept is the introduction of a historical element into the project of the square, namely, a kind of artistic renovation of the lost monument to Alexei Greig.

Monument to the honorable citizen of Mykolaiv Admiral Greig was erected in 1873, but after the liberation of the city from the occupation during World War II, the monument disappeared.

We offer devices for evening performance, when once a month in an arbitrary order on the facade of a nearby house will appear the image of Greig. Each time the projection will show a figure for Mykolaiv's figures for different occupations. Thus, when the time comes, people in the square will wait and wonder in what way this time Greig will appear. This dynamic installation will become a symbolic and modernized answer to the question "What happened to Greig?".

One of the main features of the project is the formation of the park, which is based on research on transit flows of citizens. We chose a laconic oriental style of landscape design, where the focus is on creating a cozy atmosphere of the park, which is located in the heart of the big city.

Ingulsky descent is rethought in the pedestrian art space, where the project is planned to equip green islands with slabs for periodic sculptural installations. When there are no sculptures, everyone can take an honorable place on the pedestal for photographs for memory. Along the descent, it is planned to equip the bike path.

A feature of the pedestrian space is a stylized fountain-river, which begins at the "dry" fountains in the square and winds through a descending path, skirting the green islands for rest.

Based on a thorough research of the requirements of citizens and on our creative experience in the design of public spaces, we offer a refined concept that will comprehensively cover the cultural, tourist and social components of residents and guests of Mykolaiv. Reconstruction of the Soborna Square in Mykolaiv, according to our project, will be the first example in Ukraine of a large-scale implementation of modern architectural ideas, harmoniously combining modern multifunctionality in historical buildings.

Completion Date: 21/01/19

Status: Pre-design comleted

Client: Mykolaiv development agency

Location: Mykolaiv

Soborna Square

polyfunctional public space

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