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Complex of a cinema and metropolitan mass media (5 Shchusev Str.)

The Gagarin Cinema opened its doors to viewers in 1971, but it existed only until 1993.

Already in the early 90's in the foyer housed a restaurant with a billiard club, although it did not stay long. Gradually the building fell into decay. After several months of inactivity, the food market was organized in the building.

Precisely at that time seats and screens were dismantled in the auditoriums, projectors, sound equipment of the cinema were dismantled. This situation lasted until 2007, but there was not reconstruction even after the emancipation of the cinema from the traders,. For several years the building of the cinema on Shchusev was destroyed and served as a refuge for stray animals.

The project from the AIMM-Group envisages the creation of a modern metropolitan media hub in which TV and radio studios will be accommodated, as well as premises for the editorial offices of the "Kyiv" TV channel, "Voice of Kyiv" radio stations and the newspaper "Vecherniy Kyiv".

Undoubtedly, the building will retain its historical function of the cinema - on the first floor there are two cinema halls for 63 and 35 seats, a spacious foyer, administrative premises. One of the main tasks in the reconstruction of the building was the creation of barrier-free space for all population groups.

Capital media will receive spacious studios, light make-up and editorial, mounting, etc. In addition to the current design of the media hub interiors, the project is based on the use of individual engineering networks for each organization. Such a solution in one building will give each organization autonomy, as well as simplify the operation of premises and equipment maintenance.

The exterior of the building will also undergo significant reconstruction. The number of storeys of the building has grown from three to five, which made it possible to fit a cinema and three media outlets together with technological premises under one roof. A ventilated facade of quaint wavy lines will definitely attract the attention of passers-by.

Thanks to the reconstruction of the dilapidated building, the people of Kyiv will receive a modern cinema, and the capital's media - a new house that meets the highest standards of television and radio broadcasting.

Completion Date: 14/11/18

Status: Pre-design completed

Client: Kyiv City State Administration

Location: Kyiv, 5 Shchusev Str.

Kyiv Media Hub

Second life of the cinema

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