Kyiv City Hall: reconception

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Kyiv City Hall: reconception

The concept of the reconstruction of the first floor of the Kyiv City Hall and the creation of a modern urban public space (36 Khreshchatyk St.)

The concept of creating an open and public space for the Kyiv city hall has been discussed for a long time. So, in March 2016 a memorandum of cooperation was signed with public activists and the Kyiv City Council. After the study of the building, a workshop was held with the participation of city hall’s representatives, architects, engineers, designers and active citizens. The results of joint developments have become a report and a list of recommendations for the renovation of the first floor of the City Hall.

According to the recommendations, the new public space from the AIMM-GROUP should be open - a minimum of internal walls, stairs and other barriers, automatic doors, good lighting, etc. The role of security measures is increasing, but they should not be intrusive and scare people away. At the entrance, it must be a reception where the consultants are able to filter the flow of visitors and coordinate those who came to the address.

Workers who lead the reception of citizens will be in the so-called open space. Visitors will wait their turn in a convenient co-working, where they are able to communicate with each other, as well as with representatives of public organizations and social services. Recommendations also provide for the creation of lecture’s and children's rooms and other activities that will attract citizens.

A critical moment is a clear distribution of the City Hall employees to the front-office, where they communicate directly with visitors, and back-office, where they work with documents and don’t contact to visitors.

In addition to administrative services, the city hall should place an information center where you can learn about the city's development plans and cultural events.

Considering that in 2017 the capital of Ukraine will host the main song contest of Europe - Eurovision - in Kiev again, as in 2012, a significant number of foreign tourists will come. The building of the Kyiv city hall should become that point on the city map, where they will always be provided with information support or assistance, if necessary. This approach is not new, because the idea of City Hall, which gets together active residents of the city and provides services, has been implemented in every European city already.

Representatives of the AIMM-GROUP joined the public discussion and workshop, so the project was carried out taking into account the wishes of the city's residents and city hall employees.

Completion Date: 13/11/16

Status: In the process of consideration

Client: The social initiative of AIMM-GROUP

Location: Kyiv

Kyiv City Hall: reconception

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