Green Terraces

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Green Terraces


Green Terraces Residential Complex in Pecherskyi District (Kyiv)

Two-section block of flats in the center of the large capital is the life of the city that never sleeps. There are either comfortable one-bedroom apartments or multi-room duplex flats with panoramic terraces that create an attractive appearance of the building.

In our project, we have shown how the residential development of the central part of the city can be changed, if there are not any limits such as historical buildings. Generally, all cities develop in the same manner as the advancement of architecture and urban planning and therefore arising to the level of New York, Chicago and Boston.

Completion Date: 11/07/16

Status: Pre-design completed

Client: Investor

Location: Kyiv

Green Terraces

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Green Terraces
Green Terraces Residential Complex in Pecherskyi District (Kyiv)
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