Business Center Sauran

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Business Center Sauran


Reconstruction of the Unfinished Restaurant Complex for a Business Center at Sauran Street (Astana, Kazakhstan)

The solution to this problem was the "armor". The architects have created a detached concrete frame with mounted ceramic elements. The "blinds" protect the building from cold winds in winter and overheating in hot summer days.

The project became a symbiosis of high modern technologies and Kazakh national motifs. There is a traditional Kazakh painting made by artistic forging along the perimeter, on the mounted reinforced concrete structures.

The complex also contains a large business center. It repeats the overall stylistics of the low-rise buildings, creates a complete and concise architectural ensemble. The second building is much more dynamic and daring. Due to its design and stained glass, it seems to be breaking up, and makes you want to do the same.

The project provides for a parking for 350 places. It addresses the parking issue in the business district.

Neomodern style selected for implementation of this complex allows combining the centuries-old traditions and modernity, creating something more than just a building. The projects of this type are a wonderful proof of coexistence of past and future.

Completion Date: 01/10/14

Status: Pre-design completed

Client: Investor

Location: Astana, Kazahstan

Business Center Sauran


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